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Our group is interested in the determination of structure and dynamics of a variety of molecules of chemical and biological interest, organic synthesis of biologically relevant compounds and nmr method development.

This includes natural and nonnatural biomacromolecules: Proteins in their folded and unfolded state, oligonucleotides like RNA and DNA and their complexes, and nonnatural biopolymers. While many of our projects involve the use and development of new methods in high resolution NMR-spectroscopy of liquids as a major technique, our group is engaged in the chemical and biochemical synthesis of proteins, RNA and DNA as well as photolabile cage compounds. Many of the research projects are collaborative in nature, and we have a wide range of interactions with other academic research groups.

European Network of Research Infrastructures for providing Access and Technological Advancements in bio-NMR (Bio-NMR) - Interactive form for access to the instrumentation

Center for Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance (BMRZ) at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Offene Positionen für Bachelor- oder Masterarbeiten in unserer Gruppe

Quarks & Co - Das Rätsel der Protein-Faltung