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Henry Jonker

Dr. Henry Jonker

h [dot] jonker [at] nmr [dot] uni-frankfurt [dot] de

N160 / 3.OG / Raum Nr. 315
Ext. +49 (0)69 / 798-29137
Fax. +49 (0)69 / 798-29515


Study the structure and dynamics of biological targets (proteins, RNA, DNA and small organic molecules such as antibiotics, ligands and potential drugs) and their complexes and/or the effects of (posttranslational) modifications by NMR. The main focus of my work is on the computational approaches necessary for NMR data analysis and structure elucidation. The objective is to understand the connection between the biomolecular structure and its function. Several projects with interesting biomolecules have aroused my curiosity so far and have been a pleasing challenge to study. They all share the same basic idea: investigation and structure elucidation of an unusual, complicated or large system (such as specific modifications, ligands, large biomolecular assemblies or multimers).